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    Dealership Values

    // 23 Jun 2016

    Dealership values and how you promote them online are very important and at the top of those values should be the customer. Key to dealership growth is the customer and if you aren’t prepared to change and adapt with how … read more 

    Automotive Recruitment

    Automotive Recruitment NZ

    // 22 Jun 2016

    How can the industry recruit well for the future? With demand for skilled staff more important than ever there is a need in the automotive industry to bring more people into dealerships with a wider range of skills than may … read more 

    Mobile marketing automotive

    Mobile Marketing

    // 12 May 2016

    Over recent years smart phone technology has experienced rapid development, allowing consumers to reap the benefits of what is essentially having a computer within reach at all times. Instant information is a key component of mobile marketing. Past marketing techniques … read more 

    Changes ahead for automotive industry

    Markets change the industry needs to be prepared to adapt

    // 8 Dec 2015

    Markets change the industry needs to be prepared to adapt. Markets change the internet changes as sure as anything. I have been in the automotive industry long enough to see one dominant website replaced with another. It looks like this … read more 

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    Joel Anngow - Digital Marketing Manager

    Joel Anngow brings extensive experience of all the key components of digital marketing. Joel’s previous experiences as a vehicle salesperson and his very early application of dealership digital marketing has enabled him to fine tune all the essential digital tools to maximise and increase potential buyer traffic from all internet sources.Joel has experience in all departments of a dealership.