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    Your dealership content plays a key role whether that is articles and promotional posts or the content in your vehicle listings.

    A key is having the right website structure to ensure all your content vehicle listings included go up correctly onto the search engines.

    If you don't have your website set up well then it doesn't really matter how much content you put up you will always be at a disadvantage.

    Having your site self managed and with key sections to easily change and alter promotions is key to driving traffic to your dealer website.

    Making sure your content converts is also just as important sometimes you may need to experiment and alter ongoing with your content to help make it better.

    What is also very important is the volume of content you put up. The more targeted content the more traffic in the long run and ultimately the more sales.

    It goes without saying there is no point in a you as a dealer putting up masses of content and paying for mass amount of advertising if your staff dont respond well to customer leads.



    I started my company Anngow Marketing at the age of 23 , 10 years ago. I have enjoyed working at all levels across the automotive industry.

    starting up and running a business consulting across the industry has been difficult. While many enjoy start up funding other shareholders , other investors hidden or otherwise and a range of other advantages. 

    I haven't had any of those I'm the 100% sole shareholder. At the same time I've had a young family to support and the usual mortgage and against incredible odds. I have been lucky enough to have some very good forward thinking clients over the years. Each and everyone.

    Unlike other transactional employees at marketing firms who have not had to put up there own risk and only have an eye for their next role. I have had to have courage to stay the course in the goal of having a positive impact for the industry and clients. However I haven't had as much resources to reach the goal to the extent that I wish. But I try to move ahead regardless because I believe dealers can and should do more in the online space and should have an eye on the future.

    My background name and heritage is a double edged sword. Real world automotive experience and knowledge in online sales should be valued more in our industry along with people who put up ideas and have the best interests of the industry at heart. My knowledge skill and ability has increased substantially further over the last 10 years. A fair shot to advance my cause of helping dealers and industry online is important.

    I'm not one to want to sit idle I enjoy action and when needed leading from the front. The fact is in New Zealand across the automotive industry dealers do not put enough resources into the area of online sales and promotion and it is a low priority across many dealerships despite online being the main source of leads and enquiry. Most phone and walk in enquirys have seen the dealership / vehicle online first.

    Dealers shouldn't feel afraid of online sales / promotion they should embrace it and aim to get as much as possible. In order for that to happen it needs to be given enough priority in the dealership. HR and recruiting in this respect has taken a massive step in the wrong direction however the market is strong and that wont be shown up as a strategic mistake until the market cycle declines again. It is all staff that need to up-skill and get involved in online as well as marketing staff that is what it is going to take to really progress further over the long term and to ensure no sales are left behind.

    Read my article Transactional leadership vs transformational leadership in automotive digital marketing


    I like to work for positive progress in the automotive industry so car dealers can meet the new needs of customers. This is done best when I get to spend time in the dealership making changes and recommendations.

    You don't get into starting an operating a business in automotive marketing for 10 years if you don't have a passion for helping car dealers. Positive progress for car dealers is what is important to me.

    But leaders in Automotive need to buy in to the idea of digital marketing but not just buy in too the idea of digital marketing but buy into the idea of giving it enough priority and resources in the dealership.

    it still fascinates me that it is the number 1 area for researching cars prior to buying and researching service and parts but the subject is given such low priority at most dealerships in New Zealand.

    Give me a chance with enough time and resources in a dealership that wants progress and I would love to make a positive difference. 

    If you are a dealership that wants to really progress in digital marketing and customer service satisfaction then contact me and arrange a dealership review.

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    Joel Anngow brings extensive experience of all the key components of digital marketing. Joel’s previous experiences as a vehicle salesperson and his very early application of dealership digital marketing has enabled him to fine tune all the essential digital tools to maximise and increase potential buyer traffic from all internet sources.Joel has experience in all departments of a franchise dealership in Dunedin. A background in all areas of franchise dealership operations. Anngow Marketing was started in 2007 and has been operating for 10 years.

    Joel Anngow has consulted in other markets including Australia , Japan and the US. Anngow Marketing Dunedin welcome's working with car dealerships and automotive distributors throughout the automotive industry. Read about our Automotive Training website Dealer First.

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