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    Dealer First - Automotive training

    Dealer First is an online automotive training website covering a full range of subjects for the modern automotive car dealership. 

    This is intended to be a global source of automotive training. New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA plus more.

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     We are also interested in hearing from potential industry contributors in a range of areas.

    Training module : Email sales training : Released 25/8/2017 Price $49 USD 




    Online investment in automotive - Dealer website vs 3rd party listing site

    In New Zealand 3rd party listing sites are king. But lets look a little closer at that and some of the reasons behind it. 

    The average medium size dealer over the space of 3 years will spend over $100,000 normally close to $200,000 on outside 3rd party listing sites.

    Whilst that same medium size dealer will also spend in NZ between $4000 and $14000 on their developing their dealer website once every three years in New Zealand that can even be every 5 + years.

    So dealers are investing only between 4% to 14% on the main asset they actually own in the online space. But at the same time are investing / spending hundreds of thousands on a site that they have no ownership of that also has every other competitor on there and sometimes competes directly with the dealer for the same services the dealer's supply.

    Yet we are all told 3rd party listings are king they get all the leads of course they do dealers are spending 95% more on them than their own sites -  with that sort of disparity in dealer investment over the last 15 years that is a natural consequence.

    Dealers need to be investing in themselves that means the main asset they own online their website. advertising on third party listing sites is fine and is needed. But what is really needed is the dealer investing in themselves IE their website.

    Its a tough environment to advocate for dealers in the space. The system is rigged in favor of the 3rd party sites rather than dealer investment.

    I could list 100's of reasons why dealers should invest in themselves and their own sites and the advantages over 3rd party listing sites. But everyone should know them they are clear logical reasons.

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    We have partnered with Provident Insurance to provide Digital Marketing training seminars to dealers throughout New Zealand.

    Joel Anngow is also a GLG council member. We have also advised in other markets Australia , Japan and the US.

    What are our values?

    We believe in doing the best we can for our clients and the industry.

    • We will not engage in any promotion of public to public (consumer to consumer) sales. We believe too much has been done in the area of public to public sales over the last decade to the detriment of car dealers.
    • We will not compete directly against our clients or the industry by selling our own cars, Finance or any other product that our clients supply.
    • We believe in the dealership model both new and used car dealers and the positive effects they can have in their community in many areas of economic growth, employment, and overall contribution to local economy's.
    • We understand what it is like to run a dealership the opportunities and the challenges. Having been involved in family owned dealership Anngow Motors Mazda and Hyundai from 2000 through to 2007.

    We are firm believers in physical dealerships and the positive role they can play in the community.

    Committed to the advancement of car dealers in New Zealand. I have the experience and ability to work in any dealer department sales , parts , service , finance not many suppliers can say that and mean it.

    Eager to work and be active on a practical level with dealerships I have the ability to work at any level including leading by example selling vehicles myself in-dealership. No other supplier in NZ could say that !! I thrive on real action.

    With the right resources and working with dealers truly committed to progressing for the future we can achieve great things.

    Started in 2007 Anngow Marketing has prided itself on doing the very best it can for dealer clients throughout New Zealand as well as the work we have done consulting in other markets overseas.

    Providing key ideas in digital strategy and training to all levels from management down across the industry in New Zealand including distributor level experience. 

    I'm available by phone and email anytime for my clients.

    Contact Anngow Marketing if you want to make long term improvements , increase profit and customer satisfaction.



    Peter Aitken – Clear Edge Limited

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Joel for the past 10 years. During that time I have witnessed his ability to apply drive and commitment to a wide range of departmental roles within the franchised dealership operation of Anngow Motors Limited. Joel has a very special capacity to interact with customers in both new and used sales and he has been able to use these interactive sales skills to quickly identify customer's needs. Nowhere has this become more apparent than in the field of internet sales and for a number of years Joel has honed his wide range of internet sales skills to become a leader in the field of automotive internet selling. For those dealerships in need of advancing the internet transactional sales skills of all staff who have an internet sales responsibility then I would recommend they consult with Joel.


    Julie Roberts Marketing Manager, The Landseer Motor Group NZ


    I have worked with Joel for over 4 years in his role as Internet Consultant for our nationwide group of motor vehicle dealerships. Joel has always been extremely professional with the highest of integrity, yet he is still very down to earth. He has a sound knowledge of the digital world and the motor industry and always went the extra mile for us as a client and he has taught me a great deal about the internet and how we can maximize our success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joel and his services to others.


    About Anngow Automotive Marketing

    Joel Anngow brings extensive experience of all the key components of digital marketing. Joel’s previous experiences as a vehicle salesperson and his very early application of dealership digital marketing has enabled him to fine tune all the essential digital tools to maximise and increase potential buyer traffic from all internet sources.Joel has experience in all departments of a dealership. A background in all areas of franchise dealership operations. Anngow Marketing was started in 2007 and has been operating for 10 years.

    Joel Anngow has consulted in other markets including Australia , Japan and the US. Anngow Marketing Dunedin welcome's working with car dealerships and automotive distributors throughout the automotive industry. Read about our Automotive Training website Dealer First.

    Joel Anngow on Twitter