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    Our Values

    What are our values?

    We believe in doing the best we can for our clients and the industry.

    • We believe in the dealership model both new and used car dealers and the positive effects they can have in their community in many areas of economic growth, employment, and overall contribution to local economy's.
    • We understand what it is like to work in a dealership the opportunities and the challenges. Having been involved in family owned dealership Anngow Motors Mazda and Hyundai from 2000 through to 2007.

    We are firm believers in physical dealerships and the positive role they can play in the community.

    Committed to the advancement of car dealers in New Zealand. I have the experience and ability to work in any dealer department sales , parts , service , finance.

    We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

    Eager to work and be active on a practical level with dealerships I have the ability to work at any level including leading by example selling vehicles myself in-dealership. 

    With the right resources and working with dealers truly committed to progressing for the future we can achieve great things.

    Started in 2007 Anngow Marketing has prided itself on doing the very best it can for dealer clients throughout New Zealand as well as the work we have done consulting in other markets overseas.

    Providing key ideas in digital strategy and training to all levels from management down across the industry in New Zealand including distributor level experience. 

    I'm available by phone and email anytime for my clients.

    Contact Anngow Marketing if you want to make long term improvements , increase profit and customer satisfaction.



    About Anngow Automotive Marketing

    Joel Anngow brings extensive experience of all the key components of digital marketing. Joel’s previous experiences as a vehicle salesperson and his very early application of dealership digital marketing has enabled him to fine tune all the essential digital tools to maximise and increase potential buyer traffic from all internet sources.Joel has experience in all departments of a franchise dealership in Dunedin. A background in all areas of franchise dealership operations. Anngow Marketing was started in 2007 and has been operating for 12 years.

    Joel Anngow has consulted in other markets including Australia , Japan and the US. Anngow Marketing Dunedin welcome's working with car dealerships and automotive distributors throughout the automotive industry. The Anngow family has a history in the Automotive Industry in New Zealand dating back to 1947. We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

    Our Partners

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